Certified Pre-Owned Apple Products

Certification Process: Pre-Owned is the Foundation of Our Business

Every pre-owned product that we sell, whether it’s a MacBook Pro, iMac, iPhone or Apple Watch, must pass our rigorous pre-owned certification process… more than once.

Our Apple experts put each device through a series of examinations and trials, which ensures reliability, quality, and customer confidence. Only the best pre-owned devices qualify, and they are only available at gomaxx.

We source our products ethically: Our stores follow the strict SAPS second-hand goods trading criteria, which includes identification and address verification of everyone selling to us.

Devices bought back from corporate businesses upgrading their infrastructure helps to keep electronics away from landfill sites, giving it another life cycle with its new owner.

open macbook

We dont like the word “Refurbished”

Let’s face it, when you hear “refurbished,” you think of something that has been damaged in some significant way, sent back to the manufacturer, and then repaired and resold.

At Experimax, we are NOT in the business of taking someone else’s busted up MacBook, piecing it back together, and then selling it to our customers. We have a reputation to uphold!

The overwhelming majority of the computers, phones, and tablets that we sell at Experimax have never had anything wrong with them, they have just been owned by someone else.

Before we will ever make them available to our customers, we put them through our full inspection process, certify that they meet our standards, and then back them with a 7-day return policy and our comprehensive Experisure warranty.

Certification Process: A 21 Point Inspection Checklilst

  1. Charger Port inspection
  2. Headphones inspection
  3. WIFI inspection
  4. Bluetooth inspection
  5. Video Out inspection
  6. LCD inspection
  7. Brightness Controls inspection
  1. Keyboard brightness inspection
  2. Battery Function inspection
  3. Microphone Inspection
  4. Camera inspection
  5. OS Reloads
  6. Clean Outside of Device
  7. Clean Inside of Device
  1. Volume Controls
  2. USB Port Clean out and inspected..
  3. Keyboard
  4. DVD Function
  5. Hard-drive
  6. iCloud removed
  7. Reset